The people on our email lists are individuals who have responded to a wide range of money-making business opportunity offers by email. They have responded to online promotions dealing with the subject of how to increase their income. These people can all be classified as income opportunity seekers. These are live prospects for email promotions of MLM and money-making business opportunity offers of all types.

The email leads we sell are qualified income opportunity seekers. Each person on the list has shown an interest in learning about money-making business opportunities and they have provided their email address and other personal data in order to obtain that information. These are all ideal prospects for any direct response offers which can show them how to make more money. The program or offer you are promoting might be just what they've been searching for!

We offer three different direct marketing email lists:
  • List #1: Non-Opt-in Biz-Opp Seekers. Includes email addresses only of income opportunity seekers who have recently replied to an online promotion and asked to have details of a particular money-making opportunity sent to their email address.
  • List #2: Opt-in Biz-Opp Seekers. Includes email address plus first and last name of people who have recently asked to receive biz-opp offers via email.
  • List #3: Opt-in Biz-Opp Seekers. Includes email address plus first and last name and postal mailing address of people who have recently asked to receive biz-opp offers via email.
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All email lists are validated deliverable through our DNS on a weekly basis. Email leads are provided to you as a standard text file, one record per line, ready to be printed or imported into any text editor, database, spreadsheet, or email program. (Lists #2 and #3 are provided as a standard text file with commas separating the fields on each line.) We deliver the leads to you by email and we include extra leads with all orders.

All email list orders include these valuable FREE bonuses:
  • Every first order, regardless of size, includes a free copy of the Complete Electronic Guide to Email Marketing—if you are new to email marketing, this guide will give you an excellent understanding of the whole process. Tips, tricks, what to look for, and what to look out for! This is a must-read for anyone about to unleash the power of email marketing.
  • We also include a free, fully functional copy of Check Printer Software, which enables you to accept checks by email, fax, or over the phone.
Orders for 5,000 email leads or more will also receive these additional FREE bonuses:
  • Your own fully functional copy of Express Mail Server software—turns your personal computer into a bulk email server and completely bypasses your ISP's mail server. Delivers your emails directly from your computer into the mailbox of the recipient, and verifies each address before sending. This industrial-strength program can send out more than 10,000 emails per hour with just a modem connection and has many powerful features. Simply import your email leads into the program, create your message with the built-in text editor, and start sending! This software has everything you need to launch a stress-free bulk email marketing campaign—and it's yours FREE!
  • We will also include your own full-featured copy of List Manager software on orders of 5,000 leads or more. This powerful and very easy-to-use program will enable you to eliminate duplicates and clean, edit, sort and manipulate your own email lists.
Because we sell only fresh, up-to-date email lists, we can supply a maximum of 25,000 email leads each month (100,000 for non-opt-in lists). We sell strictly limited numbers of each lead so the list is never overworked, so rush your order today and receive more business, more orders and more profits tomorrow! Whether you need 1,000 or 100,000 email leads, your order will be filled promptly and accurately and will be carefully recorded to avoid any duplication on future orders. (Click to order)

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