The following are comments we have received from some of our satisfied customers:

"Recently, we ordered 500 names. 30 days later we received over 100 replies and absolutely no nixies! We have never experienced such a high rate of replies."
Michael J. Cauley, Hawkins, WI

"I always thought you get what you pay for. I only ordered 200 names from you and 1,000 from an expensive list company. Guess what! I got more response from your 200 than from the 1,000. Thank you for providing quality at an affordable price!"
Marianne Lunsford, Chester, VA

"We have always received excellent response to your mailing list. Our response rate skyrocketed to over 8% with the latest mailing. Your list is the best, by far!"
Fred Winterling, Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for your prompt response to my request for 5,000 names. This is my fourth order and I compliment you on the quality of these names."
Don Preston, Sioux Falls, SD

"The last time I used your mailing list I received a 6% response. I thought that was great! I highly recommend your list!"
A.J. Williamson, Cedar Bluff, AL

"Your names are great. I've been getting 15% response. Thanks!"
Sanders Scott, Detroit, MI

"I have tried some very expensive lists with little or no response, but your list draws every time."
Joe Quicquaro, Greensburg, PA

"I've purchased mailing lists from various dealers at prices as low as $20 and as high as $100 per 1,000. Invariably, I got back loads of nixies and, in most cases, zero responses. Then I discovered your lists, which are reasonably priced, yet produce responses averaging 6% or more."
William Harlee, Chattanooga, TN

"Consistently good names for the price."
C. Kubis, Shirley, NY

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